As a leading provider of verification solutions to the livestock and agricultural sectors for nearly twenty years, IMI Global knows what it takes to deliver valuable services with a high level of integrity. Our number one priority is to provide value-added opportunities to the food sector while meeting the growing demands of consumers world-wide.

Since 1995, IMI has worked with all types of agricultural organizations in the United States, providing comprehensive applications for verification and identification, as well as a range of consulting services tailored to meet each customer's needs. Our team works with all types of species and entities through our USDA Process Verified Programs ( to verify production practices and related claims. Similarly, our recent acquisition of International Certification Services (ICS), a worldwide leader in the Organic certification of crops, produce and proteins, provides our existing customers with an even wider scope of marketing opportunities. Learn more about ICS and their services at

By consistently providing our customers with dependable, high quality verification solutions, IMI continues to lead the way in providing transparency and value in food products for both producers and consumers world wide. Through our Where Food Comes From® program, we are able to combine the authenticity of third-party verification of source and the accessibility of Quick Response (QR) Code technology to communicate directly with consumers about the source of their food. This unique labeling program is the first of its kind, and allows consumers immediate access to information about their food like never before. To learn more about the Where Food Comes From® program or where you can purchase products carrying the Where Food Comes From® label, go to today.

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